Dog Bites And Vicious Animals Attorney

Every year, countless individuals are injured in tragic and vicious animal attacks. Sadly, these attacks can leave a victim with permanent scarring, nerve damage or torn muscles and tendons. In some cases, an animal attack can even lead to death.

Fortunately, you may be able to seek legal recourse if another individual's pet or animal injures you or a loved one. If you would like to learn what options you may have following an animal attack, contact the legal professionals at Overby Law Office, P.C., today.

With over 30 years of legal experience, attorney C. Frederick Overby is committed to helping victims of animal attacks and dog bites seek the compensation they deserve. He will personally investigate the circumstances of your attack and provide you with the individualized legal guidance you need.

Strict Liability For Dog Bites

Under some regulations in Montana and other places, an owner may be strictly liable for any bite injuries inflicted by his or her dog, regardless of whether the dog has acted viciously before. However, this particular law only applies when:

  • The injury is caused by a dog bite.
  • The attack takes place within an incorporated city or town.
  • The victim is on public property or legally on private property.
  • The victim does not provoke the dog.

If a dog injures a victim in some way unrelated to a bite ― or if the attack takes place outside a city ― this statute will not apply. In such cases, however, you may still be able to bring a general negligence claim against the dog's owner or keeper. Additionally, liability for a dog-related injury, including dog bites, may be imputed to landlords, employers and other third parties, depending upon the circumstances.

Other Animal-Related Injuries

Importantly, damages for animal-inflicted injuries are not limited solely to incidents involving dogs. In fact, when an animal owner is negligent, you may be able to seek legal recourse following any resulting animal-related mishap, including, but certainly not limited to, horse bites or horse riding accidents.

Legal Guidance You Can Count On

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