Top Verdicts


Tractor Trailer Wreck/Wrongful Death/Excess Liability of Insurer
Hilliard v. Ocilla Industries, et al.


Tractor Trailer Wreck/Wrongful Death/Insurer Bad Faith & Excess Liability of Insurer
Avant v. Coleman-American Companies, Inc., et al.


Tractor Trailer Wreck/Wrongful Death
Nelson v. Floyd & Beasley Trucking Co., Inc.


Tractor Trailer Wreck/Personal Injury
Thompson v. Schneider Transportation, Inc.


Tractor Trailer Wreck/Personal Injury/Quadriplegia
Doe v. Unnamed Timber Company, Timber Harvester and Automotive Repair Shop


Premises Liability
Unnamed Female Plaintiff v. LaQuinta Motor Inns, Inc.


Tractor Trailer Wreck/Product Liability/Wrongful Death/Personal Injury
Minor Child, By and Through Guardian v. Major Tractor Trailer Manufacturer and Trucking Company


Wrongful Death/Fraternity Hazing
Surviving Mother and Administratrix of Deceased Son's Estate v. Unnamed Fraternity and College


Vehicular Wreck/Personal Injury
Rogers v. Mangosing


Vehicular Wreck/Personal Injury
Gamez v. Yancey's Mobile Home Moving, Inc., et al.


Commercial Vehicle Wreck/Wrongful Death and Survivorship Action
Doe Family v. Unnamed Corporation and Company Driver


Firearm Safety Violations / Firearm Negligence / Wrongful Death

Weeks et al v. Williams et al

*All figures stated in terms of present cash value.

Note: Listing of the results contained herein is not intended to intimate or suggest that any particular result can be obtained in a particular case. The facts and applicable law are unique in any given case.